Is Hypnotherapy for You?

Hypnotherapy, the natural, drug-free treatment.

Why Hypnotherapy of North Georgia?

Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is a trusted provider of hypnotherapy services for the Metro Atlanta area. Offering hypnosis-based therapy from two of the South’s leading hypnotherapists, Raymond Berger along with his wife, Josie, offer hypnotherapy treatment for various needs, including:

Raymond Berger, Hypnotherapist

Raymond Berger, Hypnotherapist

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

While there are several benefits of choosing hypnotherapy as a form of treatment for mental health and medical issues, the main advantages are the lack of medications, surgery (weight loss) and quick results. Hypnosis for therapy provides quicker and more long-term results when compared to conventional talk therapy because it addresses issues where they are rooted: in the subconscious mind. As a truly results-driven treatment, clients engaging in hypnosis therapy can experience a noticeable change in a little as one session, with real, permanent changes typically occurring in 10-15 sessions.

Hypnosis can be used to help people with:

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