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Your relationships are difficult, at best, because you are consumed with trying to get better.

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You know you should be a better person but can't make the changes needed.

Paralyzed or Stuck?

You've tried every solution and spent lots of money. What else is out there that will work?

You deserve to live your best life.

You’ve tried almost everything. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Masking the pain with substances hasn’t helped and talk therapy is taking too long. You are tired of dealing with the challenge and the power it has over you.

We believe that life is meant to be lived, not endured.

It’s time to put that hopeless feeling behind. You need someone who understands the extent of your suffering.

Raymond Berger, MS CHt has over 600 hours of hypnotherapy training and thousands of clinical hours in hypnotherapy. He helps those suffering from fears, phobias, stress, anxiety, smoking cessation, and weight loss. He is also highly successful in helping people overcome trauma and PTSD within a few hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy - A Solution for Many Conditions

Hypnosis is a well-documented and widely-accepted form of therapy for a variety of clinical and medical conditions. Originating in ancient cultures, hypnosis has been widely practiced in the United States for over a century. Hypnosis is highly effective as a drug-free alternative for pain management and childbirth. Clients engaging in hypnosis therapy can experience a notable change in as little as one session, with real, permanent changes typically in occurring in 10-15 sessions

Anxiety & Depression

Hypnosis for Anxiety & Depression does more than mask the


Hypnosis for Confidence addresses better performance in testing, speaking, sales, and athletic


Hypnosis for Sleep addresses the root cause of sleeping

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation bypasses nicotine gum and patches for lasting results.


Hypnosis for Therapy is one of the best treatments for emotional and behavioral conditions.

Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss is a safer option due to absence of drugs and surgery.


Hypnosis for Trauma is self
restoring and gives you back


Hypnosis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder helps tame the triggers that cause the stress

How to Work with Hypnotherapy of North Georgia

Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is a trusted provider of hypnotherapy services for the Metro Atlanta area. Offering hypnosis-based therapy from two of the South’s leading hypnotherapists, Raymond Berger along with his wife, Josie, offer hypnotherapy treatment for various needs.

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Tackle the Problem

Meet in session(s) based on progress and the recommended number of meetings.

Live the Life Meant for You

Change starts immediately and becomes permanent over time.

Hypnosis Can Help Suffering People

Still have some hesitations? Transform your current situation with hypnotherapy. Imagine the life you can live! Hypnotherapy offers a way to address mental health and medical issues, by-passing the need for medication, surgery (weight loss) and long protocols of recurring appointments for talk therapy. The scientifically proven, results-driven treatment works by addressing issues that are rooted in the subconscious mind.

  • Academic Performance
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Children’s Issues
  • Confidence
  • And more…
  • Depression
  • Digestive – IBS, Crohn’s
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Forensic – lost fact, objects
  • Job Performance
  • Obsession/Compulsion
  • And more…
  • Pain-free childbirth
  • Procrastination
  • PTSD -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Reinventions
  • And more…
  • Sales Call Resistance
  • Sports Performance
  • Stage Performance
  • Stress
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss – Why You Eat
  • And more…

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Hear directly from those who have experienced it.

"I used to handle stress in a very unhealthy way it was to the point it was affecting my work and personal life negatively. After working with Raymond I will say I personally feel a dramatic difference. After asking the people around me that would say they have definitely noticed a major difference as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with something and needs some assistance."

Lauren B.

"My sessions on weight loss and healthy eating resulted in life-changing results as well as taught me a lot about sugar addiction and appetite. In six months I lost more than 60 pounds. Hypnotherapy finally gave me the tools I needed to succeed."

Julie H.

"After years of struggling with multiple issues, I was "done". Over. It. Ready to focus on my life, living it and moving forward, not forever stuck spinning my wheels with the same issues. In just a few sessions I felt like a new woman - "finally free". Very happy with the fast and ongoing results!"


Still Not Sure? No-Risk Complimentary Consultation

Our no-risk, complimentary consultation affords you the opportunity to meet in person, ask questions and understand how we might work together. We ask for a deposit only to hold the appointment. You are under no obligation and after the consultation, the appointment deposit is either refunded to you or, if you wish, can be applied to the first hypnotherapy session.