Holiday Blues, How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Your Depression

Posted By TMG Writer on Dec 2, 2019 |

Not Feeling Festive? Hypnotherapy for Depression Can Brighten the Season

For many people, the holidays bring feelings of joyful excitement. They are thrilled with the anticipation of parties, family gatherings, and the giving and receiving of gifts. However, others find that stretch from Thanksgiving through New Years Day to be a period of anxiety, depression, and increased stress. Fortunately, hypnotherapy is an effective approach for alleviating seasonal depression.

What Does Holiday Depression Look Like?



The pressures of the season can trigger feelings of hopelessness and despair. People may feel that they are falling short on life goals. They may experience overwhelming regret over strained relationships or grief for lost loved ones.

Surveys have shown that 38% of respondents feel increased holiday stress due to these factors:


  • Lack of timeThe calendar is running out, but shopping, events, and gatherings are all competing with year-end work deadlines for your precious time. People are also reminded that another year of their life has gone by. This realization can spark feelings of frustration at not achieving personal goals. The New Year can be a painful reminder that retirement goals are slipping out of reach.
  • Lack of money — Gift shopping, dining out, travel costs, and the holiday grocery list are all contributing to the strain on your budget. Add to that a mailbox full of requests for charitable contributions and an over-sized electric bill for all those Christmas lights.
  • Gift-giving pressureSome people are just hard to shop for. Tying to find an acceptable gift for your fussy aunt or this year’s must-have toy for your favorite nephew is just not fun when you’ve got no time to shop, the stores are mobbed, and you’re low on funds.
  • Family issues — Real life isn’t like the Brady Bunch. The big family gatherings that happen during the holidays can be as much a source of dread as a source of joy. Nobody loves you like your family, but nobody knows how to push your buttons quite as well as they do either. Not only can you feel reluctant to deal with estranged siblings or overbearing parents, you may also be wound up with guilt for feeling those emotions when society is telling you to be joyful.
  • Frustration with commercialism — With the media pushing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday shopping bonanzas, not to mention a mailbox overflowing with gigantic catalogs, it’s easy to feel that commercialism has overtaken the meaning of the season. Instead of gratitude or religious joy, some people start to feel that the holidays are a hollow and crass time. They might also feel that everything is a competition to see who can have the most perfect social media facade instead of connecting in an authentic way.


How Can Hypnotherapy for Depression Provide Relief?

Hypnotherapy combats the effects of depression by working with your subconscious. Hypnosis sessions give the subconscious mind methods of handling emotions. Instead of generating negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors, the subconscious mind is primed to steer emotions to healthier expressions. Patients who partake in hypnotherapy for depression often see noticeable results in just a handful of sessions. Ten to fifteen session are usually enough to bring permanent improvement.


What about Anti-Depressants or Talk Therapy for Holiday Blues?

Many medical practitioners turn to pharmaceutical approaches for combatting depression. Drug companies make enormous profits on the vast array of anti-depressants available by prescription. However, this approach tends to be focused on treating or masking symptoms rather than yielding permanent healing. Drugs for depression often have significant side effects. Many drugs lose efficacy over long-term usage, which leads to dosage adjustments or medication changes. Pharmaceuticals can also be expensive, and most antidepressants have risks of drug interaction issues, especially for the elderly.

Another approach to treating depression is talk therapy. The medical community often recommends this method in conjunction with drug-based treatments. Talk therapy can require months to years of commitment to attending regular sessions before showing results. It operates on the conscious mind, so it lacks hypnotherapy’s ability to address behaviors driven at the level of emotions.


When compared to pharmaceutical and talk therapy approaches, hypnotherapy for depression is:

  • Faster — results are noticed after just a few sessions, not months or years.
  • Safer — hypnosis requires no drugs so there is no need to worry about dangerous side effects or risky drug interactions
  • Less expensive — hypnotherapy requires fewer sessions than talk therapy and there are no drugs to buy. Combining those factors means you will get better results, but spend less money through hypnosis.
  • A nicer experience — talk therapy sometimes involves confronting personal issues and frankly discussing embarrassing or anxiety-triggering life events. Although it can help with stress management eventually, some patients find the process to be very stressful. Hypnotherapy sessions, on the other hand, are relaxing by design. The process of hypnosis is similar to daydreaming, but with a guide facilitating the experience. That is why patients typically leave hypnosis sessions feeling refreshed and truly at ease.

Together We Will Unlock Holiday Happiness Using Hypnotherapy for Depression

Another aspect of the holiday blues is loneliness. Even in the middle of the most raucous office party, depressed people can feel like they are isolated and alone. The internal struggles make them feel as though they are adrift in a sea of troubles with no relief in sight. Working together, we will address the emotions in your subconscious mind to bring you relief and lasting change. Why try to battle depression alone when you can schedule a consultation with one of our professional hypnotherapists? We’ll discuss your unique situation and show you how hypnosis can help you lose the blues quickly and without drugs. Hypnotherapy For Depression with Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is the convenient, calming, and relaxing way to take control of your depression and set your course in motion for a happier new year.


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