Why Does Social Media Make Me Feel This Way?

Posted By TMG Marketing Team on Jul 30, 2021 |

Social Media’s Impact on Our Mental Health

Over the years, social media’s presence in our daily lives has grown significantly. Social media can be a great tool to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be a source of negative feelings in our lives. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, saddened, or stressed out by social media, hypnosis for anxiety and depression from Hypnotherapy of North Georgia may be able to offer you some relief. 

Social media is almost unavoidable in our current society, especially for teenagers and young adults. The majority of adults in the United States are on social media. In 2020, 80% of the population in the U.S. had an active social media profile — that’s 223 million people in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, 4.23 billion people are on social media. 

hypnosis for anxiety and depression

While social media can be a great tool and resource for connecting, learning, and staying up-to-date, it can also have a serious impact on our lives, often in a negative way. Social media can affect our relationships (with ourselves and others), our mental health, our thoughts, and our behaviors. 

Social media has even been linked with increased anxiety, depression, poor sleep, lower self-esteem, and shortened attention spans. These negative effects can be worsened in teens and young adults as their brains are still developing while trying to find an identity for themselves. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression can help you achieve better self-esteem and a healthier approach to social media use.


How Social Media Usage Can Contribute to Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression


One of the major drawbacks and problems with social media is that it causes us to compare our lives to others. One of the issues with this is that social media works as a “highlight reel” of people’s lives, meaning we only tend to share moments where we are at our best. People don’t tend to share their insecurities, worries, and difficulties on social media. Comparing all of the unglamorous and difficult parts of your life to all of the curated pretty and exciting parts of someone else’s life is going to make you think your life is much worse.

These sorts of comparisons set us up for feeling negative about ourselves and our lives. Having a negative view of yourself can lead to a lack of confidence which might lead to or worsen and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.


Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out, or “FOMO”, can cause us to feel lonely and isolated. You might see other people achieving major milestones, like getting married, having kids, moving, or getting a new job, and feel that you are “behind” in life. You might also see people you know going out with their friends or taking vacations and feel left out of the mix. 

FOMO can make you doubt yourself. Again, these negative feelings can take a toll on your mental health, possibly making you feel anxiety or depression.



Many people use social media as a form of distraction from the “real world”. Your time on social media might be used to avoid your personal or professional responsibilities, your emotions and feelings, or your circumstances. Scrolling on social media might mask your feelings for a while, but avoiding the root of the cause and never facing your difficulties can actually worsen your mental health.


How Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression Can Help You

hypnosis for anxiety and depression

Hypnosis can help you rebuild your confidence and self-esteem. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression addresses the root of the issue, meaning you aren’t just masking symptoms. Hypnosis has helped many people overcome negative feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.

Hypnosis can help you achieve a better understanding of yourself and more control over your life, making the role social media plays in your life less important and impactful. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression is a holistic alternative to medicine that can help you take back your life.


Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression from Social Media 

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