Hypnosis Tips for Overcoming Social Isolation Anxiety

Posted By TMG Marketing Team on Aug 13, 2020 |

Making for a Healthier Tomorrow in Quarantine

What more can be said about COVID-19 that we haven’t already heard? It has completely transformed our world and our daily routines. Opportunities have been lost, plans have been canceled, and everyday life been completely turned upsidedown. We’ve seen the phrase “we’re all in this together” used more and more throughout the year, but the reality for many is that we are not physically together; in fact, many of us are lonelier than ever.

You may have spent a birthday in quarantine, missed out on graduation, or said goodbye to a loved one virtually rather than in person—that can be emotionally tolling on anyone, causing stress and anxiety in many cases. Even though you may feel isolated, you’re not alone in having these emotions. Thankfully for those struggling with isolation anxiety, through different habits and hypnosis, your quarantine time can look a lot different—it can look a lot healthier.

You’re Not Alone, And There is a Solution

According to Time, 35.7 million Americans live alone; that’s 35.7 million people who are isolated on a daily basis, who don’t get regular contact with others, who struggle with the same things you struggle with. Even if you live with other people, it’s easy to feel lonely during a time like this. The mind is incredibly powerful, and your point-of-view and mindset can change dramatically in isolation. It’s time to get the real you back. As hypnotherapy specialists, here are our recommendations to squash your isolation anxiety and live a healthier, happier life in quarantine.


Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Quarantine

Unplug and Unwind

hypnosis for anxiety_reading

Staying connected to social media and the news is incredibly important to understand updates in this everchanging world. Unfortunately, the internet can also be a toxic place with misinformation. The internet can bring upon a heightened sense of panic—instead, try spending your time reading a book or picking up a hobby. Some great ways to spend your time during quarantine would be learning new recipes, focusing on your health, or finding outlets for personal development. This is especially great before bed instead of watching the news or scrolling through social media.

See Loved Ones Virtually or Physically Distant

You may have loved and friends with underlying conditions who are more susceptible to catch Coronavirus that most people. Understandably albeit, you may be concerned about spreading the virus to them. Of course, we can virtually see our loved ones via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and more. Be creative and plan a game night or eat together to make the most of this quality time—making it feel like you’re face to face. If you’re comfortable in doing so, you can safely meet your loved ones in person. In small groups, you can meet outside spread apart and enjoy the company of each other just like old times.

Connect with Friends

hypnosis for anxiety_video chatIt’s all about the little things. Think about how a quick text or call could completely change your day. All it takes is a few moments to let someone know you’re thinking about them and that you care. Reaching out could make all the difference—for you and for them. Make a point every few days to brighten someone’s day with a quick, encouraging message.

Considering Hypnotherapy

We can’t overcome our anxiety if we don’t seek help. Isolation is completely normal, especially during a time like this—but you don’t have to live every day like this. Hypnosis is a widely accepted solution that helps you readjust your mindset to become healthier and more positivea great solution for anxiety. Find out the real source of your anxious feelings and discover outlets that will pave the way for reducing your anxiety.

Make a Change Today

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We know how tough these times can be, but there’s a way to overcome your isolation anxiety in a transformative, holistic, and effective way: hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is here to help you. Available virtually for telehealth sessions, we are open for appointments despite COVID-19.

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