Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance

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Why The Sports Industry Needs Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance

The ever entertaining world of sports is full of unique, driven individuals. Each athlete contains certain skills and abilities that allow them to achieve what they have set out to do. Medals, trophies and other milestones are results of their dedication physically and mentally. Most may think it is solely due to their athletic abilities; while true, it also relies on their mentality. An athlete’s success should be a result of their capability to mentally dominate. Negative and distracted thoughts cloud their minds and that snowballs throughout their athletic abilities. An example would be Cleveland Cavaliers Center Kevin Love. He struggled with his mental state on and off court for years and it ate away at his athletic capabilities. The question here is how can these thoughts be kept at bay? Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance is one of the best ways to clear the mind and achieve optimal performance.

Why Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance Is Relevant

Confidence has significant influence on performance throughout sports. While successfully overcoming challenges can greatly increase our confidence, some of the same influences can also create doubt in our minds and decrease our confidence. By addressing the lack of confidence and self-assured thoughts in the subconscious mind, where these negative influences live, Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance can offer dynamic results

According to research by Lynette Hughes and Gerard Leavey of the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health, who found that factors such as injuries, competitive failure and over training can lead to psychological distress. An NCAA survey of athletes found over the course of a year that 30% reported feeling depressed while half said they experienced high levels of anxiety.”

The issues that are causing negative, distracted thoughts can vary from athlete to athlete. A baseball player may be looking to improve their swing, or a professional golfer may be looking to perfect their short game. Pushing too much and adding to anxiety is one way to quickly cripple sports performance. While it matters in all sports, mental state is a primary tool in golf.  Finding confidence in your golfing skills is what will help your performance. Here are a few ways Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance will help you in the long-run, in and out of golf.

  • Motivation – Getting into ruts (physically and mentally) can put a damper on your confidence as well as your score card. Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance is a tool that can help clear the mind and focus intently on the club in hand. Hypnotherapy of North Georgia offers the hypnosis tools that can help motivate and inspire to continue pushing through any obstacles.
  • Capitalize on Current Skills – We are all capable of much more than we expect. The moment you tee off, you’re able to tap into these skills. Focusing solely on your current skills, intermediate or experienced, is what will help keep the discouragement in check.
  • Remaining Calm in Groups – Playing in groups is where confidence seems to be present, yet lacking. We let our emotions control our interactions and that alone can hinder the outcome of your game. Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance and mental coaching can help you confine the anxiety and distractions.

Benefits of Using Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance is widely accepted as a valid form of mental conditioning. It’s known for providing true results and is used by top professional athletes and collegiate programs across the globe. Most recently, several major U.S. sporting associations are including hypnotherapy in their training to enhance the star performance of their players. Here are aspects that Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance works on:

  • Less fear when faced with challenges.
  • More focused concentration.
  • Decreased external and internal distractions.
  • Being more observant of accomplishments.
  • The ability to feel stronger when faced with negative situations.
  • Increased feelings of being equipped for any situation.

Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance and Golfing

Certain setbacks in golf are left to fate: injured hand, sprained ankle and weather. However, one can control one aspect of their game – their mental state. Personal issues may be present and that can hold you back. It distracts your mind and in turn alters your playing ability. Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance is meant to help you get a better grasp on your golfing mind. One of the highest regarded professional golfers, Jack Nicklaus stated “Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, 10% luck.”  That’s why Hypnotherapy of North Georgia wants to give you these pointers for staying on top of your mental state during a match.

  • In the Moment – Our confidence stems from the mistakes we make. A poor swing, missed putt or foul balls can pull that confidence right into the pond. Even with mistakes, it’s important to remain focused on the small steps. Focus on your motions before the put or the swing. Focus on how your body position. It’s an almost meditative state of approaching golfing. You’re removing mental distractions and are able to let your mind breathe.
  • Be Yourself – Golfing is a past time for some and more serious for others. If golfing around individuals who are more aggressive, it wouldn’t make sense for you to shift your style to match. Trying to mirror others may work in practice situations, but during a game is only going to clog your mind. While Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance will help, it’s smart to be yourself and not mimic.
  • Watching Your Emotions – Emotions affect any athlete. Getting caught up in the moment is inevitable, but it’s what you do after that changes your outcome. Letting a bogey or two shoot down your previous under-par holes is not healthy for your performance. Taking what comes your way and turning into opportunity is the best choice. Hypnotherapy of North Georgia can help you get into the right mindset to make this a regular occurrence.

Improve Your Golf Game with Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance

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