Hypnosis For Weight Loss Really Does Work!

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss… Can it be true?    

Yes.  Hypnosis is highly effective in assisting people to lose weight.  Eating habits are learned behaviors and being overweight is the symptom of these bad habits.  Hypnosis cannot ‘zap’ the weight off of you however combined with a modified food program, it is one of the healthiest ways to bring about weight loss that is PERMANENT.  


Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss Easy?   

You may not hear this from other hypnotherapists, but at Hypnotherapy of North Georgia we are committed to honest communication with our clients.  After all, we are building a trusting relationship.  No, it is not easy, while Hypnosis For Weight Loss is more effective, safe and healthier than many programs, it does require some sacrifice.    

Food has its roots in nearly everything. Food addictions and lifestyle changes are difficult to make. In order for you to be successful in your weight loss pursuit, three things must occur:   

  1. You must realize that a change is necessary.  
  2. You are what needs to change. 
  3. The change has to happen now.    

Treating Hypnosis For Weight Loss as a diet will begin the process off on the wrong foot. This is not a diet. This is PERMANENT behavioral change, it requires real changes in your approach to eating. Consuming un-healthy meals out or drinking will only hinder your weight loss.    

We had a man come to me that wanted to lose weight.  He and his wife ate out nearly every night and split a bottle of wine. They took great joy in selecting their dining. When we explained to him that this was a major contributor to his extra 50 lbs. he was not happy. However, it finally occurred to him that enjoying a healthy long life with his wife was more important; he couldn’t ‘have his cake and eat it too’.   

If you want to be healthy, you must say ‘no’ to things from time to time. That’s not to say that you will never eat out or consume alcohol again. Of course you will but it will be with the understanding that these indulgences are the exception and not the rule.   


Hypnosis for Weight Loss May Not Be For You 


If you are a type of person that is unwilling to make a lifestyle change than this program may not be the one for you. We could sit here and tell you that it is easy, that hypnosis makes it simple.  But we won’t.    

We want your success. We want you to make a change and tell your friends and family about the new life you are living. We want you to be the person you know that you can be.   

You must be the one to make the change. Through hypnosis we can help you to change the bad habits that have helped to bring you to this place. We can help to hold you accountable and act as guide through this journey.  You however, must be committed to the program every day, 7 days a week. You must realize that a change is needed, it must come from you and it be without procrastination. If you do that then you can absolutely, positively be successful in shedding that excess weight and keep it off permanently. 


The Good News About Hypnosis For Weight Loss hypnosis-for-weight-loss-eat-better

You are not alone! We work together to figure out what got you to this point and how it can be effectively addressed. The negative dialogue that haunts you and undermines your confidence can be changed. In place, positive affirmations and strong responses that inspire hope.  

Along with this we address unhealthy eating. We find different ways of rewarding oneself and addressing emotional discord. We discuss how to change unhealthy, chemical-laden “poor” foods for healthier, tastier, more nutritious foods. 

Hypnosis For Weight Loss is a gentle and healthy way to start losing weight and controlling your habits. We use a 2-pronged approach.  

We address: 

  1. What you’re eating. 
  2. And, why you are eating it.  

Because we are addressing why a person eats what they eat as well as what they are eating, Hypnosis For Weight Loss provides quicker, permanent results. The program addresses the issues that drive overeating, emotional eating and celebratory eating at a subconscious level.  

No more restrictive ineffective dieting, harmful medication side effects or dangerous surgeries. Hypnosis For Weight Loss is safe, results-driven treatment that will lead you to an intuitive way of eating for the rest of your life.   

 “The only long-term effective weight management skill is to change the way think about fueling our bodies. We need to think of food as fuel for daily living and to fuel it the best way we can. The rest takes care of itself.” – Jennifer O’Donnell-Giles, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D.  

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Common Questions 

Hypnosis For Weight Loss provides you with a non-invasive solution to your weight loss. We understand that everyone has questions throughout the weight loss journey. While every individual’s process is unique, these commonly-asked questions and answers should provide some clarity.   hypnosis-for-weight-loss-faq

  • How Long Will It Take For Me To Notice Weight Loss?   This all depends on your current size, your weight loss goals and your commitment to the program. While there are no promises, many individuals experience a significant reduction of 10 to 20 lbs. within the first month if they stick to their weight loss plan.   
  • How Long Before I Can Go Back to Eating Normal?   This is a ‘loaded’ question.  Chances are your current ‘normal’ lifestyle and eating behaviors are what’s making you overweight. A person that has successfully concluded their Hypnosis for Weight Loss program will have new behaviors that govern their food choices and eating habits. This will be the new ‘normal’. 
  • Does Hypnosis For Weight Loss Really Work?   Yes! In fact, Hypnosis For Weight Loss is a safer treatment option for most individuals due to the absence of drugs or surgery. Clients of weight loss hypnotherapy view it as a more stress-free and competent form of addressing their health needs. 
  • Will it really work for me?   Yes, provided you stick to the plan.  The basis of this program is behavioral change. The goal is to change your habits, behaviors and attitudes towards food.   


Hypnosis For Weight Loss That Works!  

Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is a trusted provider of hypnotherapy services for the Metro Atlanta area. We offer Hypnosis For Weight Loss from some of the South’s leading hypnotherapists. Contact Us or call us 678-433-94755 to schedule your consultation today so we can help you get started on the track to weight loss success with Hypnosis For Weight Loss. We are focused on helping you achieving your goals while providing you with results that are long-term and safe!