Hypnotherapy, Ten Questions You Were Afraid To Ask, But Always Wanted to Know

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First Thoughts About Hypnotherapy

We know what you’re thinking – Hypnotherapy? That one-worded question seems to have plagued many a peoples’ minds. You’ve seen in it in films, heard about it through friends, but something feels off to you. You’re worried about asking the wrong questions despite you wanting to know more. You may be even afraid to ask some of your questions. Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is here to help you ask the big questions.

10 Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About Hypnotherapy

Everyone’s curiosity is peaked daily. We take on a new task, hobby or stumble upon a word or phenomenon and want to know more. Unfortunately, some topics can strike uncertainty even after doing the initial research.

Hypnotherapy seems to be the topic you’re most curious about recently. That’s why we want you to find the answers you’re looking for. Here are 10 questions you’ve probably asked before and the answers you’ve always wanted to know about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

  • What Is Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of altered awareness whereby the subconscious mind of a willing subject is open to accepting beneficial suggestions that have been given to it.
  • How Does Hypnotherapy Work? Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind through a deep state of facilitated relaxation. It is likened to guided day dreaming. It works by bypassing the critical, conscious mind and speaking directly to the subconscious using direct suggestions, metaphors and visualization.
  • Are There Side Effects to Hypnotherapy? Aside from relief, no! Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. The average person enters hypnosis 4-7 times per day. If you’ve ever driven past your exit on the interstate without realizing it or been so engrossed in a book that you didn’t hear a question asked of you then you’ve entered hypnosis before.
  • What Conditions Can Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Address? Hypnosis can address a wide variety of clinical and medical conditions. It can also be used to overcome limiting beliefs and increase sports, sales and academic performance. Stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, weight loss, PTSD depression, smoking cessation and the elimination of bad habits are all other conditions.
  • Do I Lose Control of My Actions? Not at all! You can’t be hypnotized or compelled into doing something you don’t want to do or that’s against your morals. Also, you won’t be compelled to reveal secrets you don’t want to reveal or engage in any activity that makes you uncomfortable.
  • How Effective Is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is highly effective. In fact, it’s the only way to make a permanent behavioral change. Our behaviors and habits exist as a result of the cognitive maps located in our subconscious mind. The only way to make permanent behavioral change is to change these behaviors and habits in the subconscious. This can only be done using hypnosis as hypnosis is the only way to deliberately access the subconscious mind. It’s the bridge to the subconscious mind.
  • What Is A Typical Session Like? The session is roughly broken into 3 segments. The first part is a review of how things progressed during the last week, the second part is dedicated to education or developing a plan for the upcoming week and the last part is the hypnotic session. The hypnosis portion of the session is recorded, and a CD is provided to you.
  • Do I Sleep During Hypnotherapy? The intention of Hypnotherapy is to awaken the mind, not lull it to sleep. While complete relaxation may result in sleepiness, the overall goal is to open your mind and to help you address your habits and behaviors.
  • Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis? You can’t get “stuck” in hypnosis. If for whatever reason the hypnotherapist left a client while that client was in a hypnotic state either that person would simply fall asleep or would emerge from hypnosis once their subconscious mind realized that it is no longer hearing anything.
  • How Many Sessions Does It Usually Take? Everyone’s different so it all varies based on what the presenting condition is and what factors are present in the client’s life. This is the reason that we offer complimentary consultations. These consultations allow us to get a better idea of what your needs are and the needed time frame. Dedication on your behalf is also important. If you’re unable to make regularly scheduled appointments or listen to session recordings, your progress will be slower.

What Are The Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

With those questions in mind, you’re probably wondering what are the benefits of Hypnotherapy? While results vary for everyone, the benefits are typically the same across the board. Here are 3 benefits of Hypnotherapy.

  • Boost Confidence – Whether you’re craving more confidence in a sport or your physical health, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy help you achieve even more. The mental conditioning helps open the doorway to more positive thinking and focused mindset.
  • Adjusts Your Thought Process – Addressing the subconscious mind during Hypnotherapy helps the mind long after a session. You’re able to address situations with a more open mind and adjust in a healthier way. Our minds can be home to some of the most negative thoughts so why not shine some light on the darkness.
  • Improve Relationships – While the end goals of your sessions will help you specifically, Hypnotherapy can also help those around you. Your mind begins processing thoughts differently and helps you interact in a calmer manner.

Hypnotherapy Leads to a Happier Life

Hypnotherapy treatments with Hypnotherapy of North Georgia is your best solution for keeping a calm mind at all times. Don’t let the unknown bother you, we’ve got you covered.

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