Overcoming Grief with Hypnotherapy

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An Approach That Makes a Difference

Loss and Coronavirus—the two words are essentially synonymous, going hand in hand. Loss of a job, loss of plans, loss of an opportunity; the loss no one expects to take on is the loss of a loved one. This year has been tough for many reasons as we all very well know, but coping with grief on top of all that’s going on in the world is a circumstance no one should have to go through. While there may not be an easy solution to make everything right again, hypnotherapy offers a practical and healthy approach for overcoming grief, ultimately looking toward a brighter tomorrow.


Our greater Atlanta area professionals are here to break down the benefits of hypnotherapy, especially in the wake of losing a loved one.

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Ways Hypnotherapy Can Alleviate Grief


Find Peace

Dealing with grief is enough for one person to handle, but it also comes with the feeling of guilt in many cases. “I could’ve done more. I wasn’t there enough. I didn’t get closure to tell them ‘sorry’ or ‘I love you.’” It’s natural to feel this way and to have these thoughts, but no one person deserves that level of blame.

Hypnotherapy in Atlanta_GriefYou have years of great memories, but you may be left with a few unpleasant, lasting memories. Hypnotherapy is an approach that uncovers the reasoning for these emotions and shifts your focus to better understand the situation, rediscovering positive memories that remind you what you meant to this person and how much of a positive impression you’ve made on them. Don’t let their final moments define a whole lifetime of special moments and impact.

Grieve at a Healthy Pace

We all go through life at our own pace—the same can be said about the grieving process. Whatever your pace is, hypnotherapy will allow you to find calming moments that will give you a break from the grieving process. It takes time to process such a significant event; hypnotherapy will help you find patience while allowing you to attend to all that needs to be done in a day.

Push Through

Hypnotherapy in Atlanta_Overcoming GriefThis is certainly an overwhelming time—as it would be for anyone. That said, grieving is temporary, and that’s the good news. There’s no denying life will be different, but that’s where hypnotherapy can help; discover what your motivation is, how you can honor your lost loved one, and where this all fits into your unique puzzle. Through this approach, you’ll find healthy ways to return to work, spend time with family again, and pursue your hobbies and passion.

Leave the Pain Behind, Look Forward to a Newfound Mindset


Hypnotherapy of North Georgia, located north of Atlanta, is a team of professionals with a proven track record, helping individuals find a demonstrated, holistic approach to live their happiest, healthiest life.

Five Star Review

I used to handle stress in a very unhealthy way it was to the point it was affecting my work and personal life negatively. After working with Raymond I will say I personally feel a dramatic difference. After asking the people around me that would say they have definitely noticed a major difference as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with something and needs some assistance.


Lauren B.


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