Switching to Telehealth Because of Coronavirus

Posted By TMG Marketing Team on Mar 18, 2020 |

Day-to-Day Postponed, Hypnotherapy Continues

Coronavirus is officially a pandemic, forcing us to take serious precautions to prevent spreading the virus. Being in quarantine pushes many of us to work from home for the time being. Businesses are postponing operations, but that doesn’t mean the worries in our lives go away. In fact, it’s completely normal to have more to deal with during this time. Getting better is still an option when in quarantine—telehealth is a solution for those seeking hypnotherapy during this unique time in our culture.

Common Struggles Hypnotherapy Helps (Even Through Telehealth)


AnxietyTelehealth Hypnosis_anxiety

This is a stressful time. Will I have work tomorrow? Will I have enough supplies to get through this? Are my loved ones safe and healthy? Don’t get us started on the toilet paper debacle. That said, anxiety is completely normal to go through during this time, but you don’t have to live with it—there’s a way out.



Isolation is tough. We’re meant to work together, meant to live together. Regardless of whether you’ve spent long days in quarantine recently, depression may have made its way into your life. It’s a mighty thing to deal with, so what are we supposed to do about it? Many in this situation turn to hypnotherapy, even if it’s through a telehealth approach. Hypnotherapy is a natural and medication-free solution to depression, guiding you to a longer-lasting way to overcome depression.



You might find yourself during this time tossing and turning at night, worrying about tomorrow and the state of our world as a whole. You’re not the only one. This pandemic is a first for all of us, leaving us with more questions than answers—that doesn’t mean you can’t get the full night of sleep you deserve. What are your disturbances at night? Hypnotherapy is a process that will work to find out exactly why you’re struggling to fall asleep at night. A refreshing and energized tomorrow is right around the corner.


Weight LossTelehealth Hypnosis_weight loss

We get it—you’re stuck in your house with no access to a gym and a pantry full of snacks. These temptations are powerful, no doubt about it. We’re certainly made to enjoy food, but there’s a middle ground with that. Likewise, we can certainly enjoy our workout time, even if it’s within the walls of our home. Hypnotherapy is a method that addresses the reasons for your cravings and how to combat them in a healthy way while also opening your perspective to enjoyable ways to work out.


Smoking Cessation

This is a time when we’re most vulnerable to our worst habits. What’s more important to consider is that COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that affects those with preexisting conditions or weakened immune systems. Smokers are at a higher risk for illness or death associated with Coronavirus during this time. This is your way out. You’ve had reasons to stop in the past, but now your solution is here: hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. Through life-changing habits and subconscious adjustments, hypnotherapy to stop smoking is a practical approach to a better tomorrow, especially during these troubling times.



Cabin fever is real. It’s even harder to deal with during this unusual spring we’re in the midst of. We understand the confines of your home can leave many irritable, especially when spending so much time with others. We want to get you through this in a healthy way. Even over the phone or through a video call, hypnotherapy is an approach that is proven to help with our behaviors. Make the most of this time and cultivate as much positivity as it allows by finding a solution that enables you to overcome pain and worries: hypnosis.


Rely on Hypnotherapy of North Georgia During These Times

Even during this time, hypnotherapy is a solution for you. Through our telehealth services, we can help. To learn more about Hypnotherapy of North Georgia and how our services can help you, contact us at 678-353-3243 or by filling out the contact form on our website.