What to Expect

What to Expect from Hypnotherapy

While hypnosis is a globally accepted treatment for health and healing. In the U.S. it still is relatively under represented and is considered mysterious and may even be misrepresented as being rooted in the occult. However, it is quite the opposite.

Hypnosis is a well-established and widely accepted method of treatment. It has been used for hundreds of years in one form or another. With origins dating back to 1550 B.C., hypnosis was used by many ancient cultures including the Chinese, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It was only recently rediscovered by the Western world,and in the 1800s it was used as an alternative to chemical anesthesia. In the 1970s is started being used in a clinical setting in the United States

As a valid form of therapy, hypnosis is known for providing long-term results in a short amount of time. In fact, it is considered one of the safest and healthiest clinical treatments. Known as ‘brief therapy,’hypnosis does not require any supplemental medications. Often not reflected accurately on television shows, hypnosis never requires surrendering your morals, judgment or conscious mind to accomplish the objectives you communicate to your hypnotherapist.You can never be forced to reveal secrets or do anything against your will, nor can you ‘get stuck in’ hypnosis.

At Hypnotherapy of North Georgia,we approach hypnosis therapy with the utmost respect, responsibility and education. Upon arrival at your first appointment, our hypnotherapist will consult with you to assess what your needs and goals are from hypnotherapy.
Your first session will take approximately 2 hours due to the first consultation. The first hour is a complimentary consultation and you are under no obligation of any kind. Any sessions after this will usually run around 45 minutes. While many clients communicate experiencing a noticeable change after their first session, establishing long-term results usually requires more than one session.

Our hypnotherapist will be happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have concerning the hypnotherapy process. To schedule your appointment please